What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that pinpoints the problems caused by malocclusion, or misaligned teeth, and its treatment. Our experienced clinicians use the latest procedures to correct teeth, that have grown abnormally, to give a stronger and straighter complexion. It also solves problems caused by overcrowding and crossing.

When should you have Orthodontics?

Teeth straightening is usually associated with adolescents but with recent developments in more inconspicuous treatments, like the invisalign invisible brace, so more people of all ages and genders are requesting orthodontic treatment with great results. It improves the way your teeth look, reduce future dental complications and give a new brilliance and confidence to your smile.

Choosing you clinician

Orthodontics requires a team of clinicians who are experienced and highly trained. At Hanley-on-Thames we are proud to have dentists that have proven themselves in this highly-specialised field over many years. A new complexion is achievable in as little as six weeks depending on treatment. Orthodontic treatment requires a lot of skill and dedication and we can assure you that our clinicians are capable and professional experts.

The Process

Before any treatment can begin, a consultation is required to discuss the options available and various advantages and disadvantages that comes from each treatment. Our welcoming staff will talk you through your case and will require a complete orthodontic examination, including x-rays, to give a comprehensive plan of action. Once the options have been discussed, our dentists encourage you to ask as many questions you may have so you can be confident you understand the treatment plan and that your needs are catered for.

What is the right solution for me?

We offer the best in orthodontic technology in fixed braces and the modern invisible braces. We give options in fixed or removable braces and levels of visibility depending on your needs. Treatment depends on your own choices so you can get your own personal solution.

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are permanently fitted until the teeth are straightened to the desired effect. The braces are only fitted to the teeth that require straightening and are fixed by interconnected metal and elastic arches secured with a dental adhesive. The braces can be either metal or “tooth-coloured” ceramics.

Before and After

Patient 1

ortho-1 beforeortho-1 after

Patient 2

ortho-2before ortho-2after

Patient 3

ortho-9 before appollonia ortho-9 after apollonia

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