Same Day Teeth

Same day teeth is a modern dental implant procedure, which has been designed and developed for patients suffering from missing teeth, teeth of poor diagnosis or loose teeth.
Similar to dental implants, same day teeth allows us to replace missing teeth with a secured fixed arch of teeth, but this whole procedure can be completed in just one day!

Why would you want Same Day Teeth?

By having the Same Day Teeth treatment you will:
Be more confident in your smile
Never be without teeth
Have reduced anxiety levels on your appearance
Feel happier within yourself

The Same Day Teeth procedure

The dentist will take an x-ray and impression of your jaw, to produce an exact copy as a study model
A removable denture will then be constructed for the intended teeth and will be transformed into a template for the CT scanning
If required, a CT scan may be taken to help visualise and diagnose the jaws 3 dimensionally, to ensure there is enough bone to place the dental implants – This will also establish where your nerves and sinuses are

Implant Placement

The patient will be placed under local anaesthetic or IV (intravenous) sedation and the dental implants will be placed with the assistance of a template or an accurate CT scan guide
After the implants have been placed, they will be left to heal and integrate with the jaw bone. This process will normally take 3 months

On the day of the implant placement, a full fixed arch prosthesis will be attached.

Final restoration

After the 3 month healing period, the final or permanent restoration will be fitted
The final solution can include both removable or fixed.
The fixed solution will include an implant bridge with porcelain or acrylic crowns cemented to the framework of the bridge
The removable solutions include overdentures which clip on to the implanted attachments and can be removed for easy cleaning.


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