Dental Phobia

Dental surgery, or even just visiting the dentist for a check up, can cause problems for many nervous patients, especially those who suffer from dental phobia. In a survey by The British Dental Association it was found that 25% of patients worry about their next visit to the dentist.

Finding a dental practice that understand how one in four people feel before and during an appointment can be difficult but our dentists in Henley are different and will help you to overcome your concerns.

Our belief that dental health is critical to general health means that it is necessary to overcome your fear and feel at ease when visiting the dentist because the last thing we want is your health to be effected due to anxiety.

Dental Phobias can be caused by a number of factors such as a childhood experience or even the instruments themselves.  At Courtrai House Dental Practice In Henley our friendly staff will work with patients to deal with their anxiety so that they can receive the best possible care and avoid other health consequences that poor dental care can lead to.

How do we help?

Our caring team has been specially trained and have the tools and techniques to help ease anxiety in patients. They have the ability to use the environment and dentistry techniques that put people with dental phobias at ease.

Minimizing phobia with the environment

Our tranquil and comfortable reception area helps a patient to relax before their appointment with the help of music and comfortable seating. Magazines and books are also available to aid relaxation and provide an often much needed distraction.

Minimizing phobia with gentle dentistry techniques

Our staff are fully trained to determine the cause of anxiety. They take the time to provide extra care to understand the factors which cause anxieties and provide a gentle approach to dentistry that makes patients feel calm and relaxed.

From the beginning, our skilled staff are committed to providing patients with the best care so that they feel safe and secure. One important aspect of this technique is talking to the patient and getting to know them. Procedures are discussed in detail to eliminate fears caused by the unknown. Guiding a patient through the stages of their treatment and meeting their expectations means that they feel much more confident and relaxed before and during an appointment.

Minimizing phobia with sedation dentistry and technology

While a lot of phobias are lessened by talking a patient through a procedure, technology can also help. The use of sedatives, both intravenous and oral, can help relax a patient before their treatment so please ask ahead of time and we would be happy to discuss these options with you.

Minimizing phobia with behavioural techniques

Although our staff can help to ease anxiety, there are many things that a patient can do too:

  • Morning appointments mean that you won’t be worrying about it all day, which can cause anxiety to build.
  • Remember that a consultation is needed before any treatment so your first appointment is just talking to your dentist and asking questions. This should make you feel less anxious.
  • Take a friend for moral support.
  • Seek advice beforehand and ask others about their experiences.
  • Before your treatment, agree on a signal with the dentist in case you need a break. Feeling more in control of the situation will ease your worries.
  • Start by having minor treatments to build up trust between you and your dentist. Having your teeth cleaned and polished can be a good starting point.

We pride ourselves on our first-rate treatment and our combination of helpful, caring staff and phobia minimizing techniques help make sure our treatments are as anxious free as possible.


“I came to the dental practice with my daughter. My daughter is 4 years old and I wanted to send a message to say a big thank you for how you dealt with and treated her. We were very anxious about the visit but the staff were absolutely wonderful. They really took the time to put Rose at ease and make the procedure as comfortable as possible for her. Rose did not find the visit distressing in any way and in fact she refers to the experience positively and giggles, which I did not ever think would be the case! We want to say thank you and that your considered approach really made a difference to us. Many Thanks”